And it is precisely these tricks that you need to be aware of when painting, especially if you are a first-time painter.

The region of the wall where you are going to fix the masking tape needs to be well
prepared, without imperfections, irregularities, cracks or paint remnants from
previous paintings. Therefore, clean the surface thoroughly, wipe with a dry cloth
and smooth with sandpaper if necessary. A clean, dry and smooth wall fixes your
masking tape much better, without causing damage after removing it. Now
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Let’s get the tips? The masking tape will be your number one ally to give the
perfect finish to the real estate painting and not to let the paint touch the
baseboard or the ceiling of the walls. To use, just glue a piece of tape close to the
ceiling and floor, preventing the paint from painting where it shouldn’t! For real
estate paintings that take two or more colors in the project, such as half-and-half
walls, for example, masking tape helps a lot. First, you divide the areas as planned
and paint the first part; after it has completely dried, apply the tape and paint the
second part.

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