Capacitors – Applications

Capacitors are applied in order to eliminate unwanted signals, ensuring an easier path by which the energy associated with these spurious signals can be released, preventing it from invading the protected circuit. In these applications, generally the higher the capacitance the better the acquired effect and can present great tolerances.

Capacitors used in applications that require greater accuracy, such as capacitors that determine the frequency of oscillation of a circuit, have smaller tolerances.

The capacitance of a capacitor is a constant feature of the component, so it will depend on certain factors of the capacitor. The area of ​​the armatures, for example, influences the capacitance, which is larger the greater the value of this area. In other words, the capacitance C is proportional to the area A of each armature.

The factors that influence the capacitance are the thickness of the dielectric, and we verify that the smaller the distance d between the larger the reinforcement will be the capacitance C of the component.

This fact is also used in modern capacitors, in which dielectrics with high insulation power are used, with very reduced thickness, in order to obtain great capacitance.


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