Perpetual motion

The magnetic motor is a perpetual motion device because it works without any external addition of energy retaining its motion only with the correct use of the forces of attraction and repulsion of the magnets.

The term perpetual motion when interpreted literally, refers to the movement that does not end. However, perpetual motion with respect to energy means that a device or system feeds more energy than is supplied to it. Such a device or system would be a violation of the first law of thermodynamics, cb22436h rexnord which determined the conservation of energy, stating that energy can never be created or destroyed by observing the fluxes and transformations of energy.

Since the industrial revolution several devices of perpetual motion began to emerge, declared by their creators as sources of free energy. Several models were made, and based on innumerable different ways of functioning. Some of them do not run continuously although they appear to work and others have run by way of tricks, thus characterizing cheats. Thus a label was created among the researchers of the area, believing that perpetual motion would be an invalid concept, and that the physical theories are very clear with regard to the conservation of energy.

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