The standard is a good quality paint, with good performance and that is not so expensive.

There’s more variety of colors but you can’t do it in that machine scheme that dyes your paint
right away. It has predefined tones, although it has more options.
Premium ink is that ink that is excellent, is very expensive and has no limits to your creativity
when it comes to colors, you decide right away and make the color you want to choose in a
display with more options than my tired eyes could distinguish! =D
Well, of course we got the standard paints, we don’t have all that money to spend and the
area to be painted was huge!
It was in this research that I found the ink “Rende Much”. It is from Coral, a good brand
recognized in the market for this quality.
Rende Much comes in gallons or 18l cans. It is a paste that has to be diluted in the proportions
they determine, but the good thing is that it costs little.
Painting house concord
I bought the colors I needed and paid
R$34.90 each 3.6L gallon. I painted the walls that were plastered with everything raw, no
sealer and white paint underneath. It yielded a lot and covered all the marks and stains on the
I highly recommend it!!! It costs cheap and really lives up to the name!!!
We managed to save almost 50% compared to the original paint budget for the whole house,
and believe me, in this last month before the wedding, this saving is vital !!!

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