This allows them to share the menu link with friends and relatives.

Another good idea that is very popular are the mobile apps, which allow the
customer to consult the menu of the place where he is.
Transforming the menu into the star of your restaurant is not difficult. Just a little
creativity and attention in the elaboration of your dishes, and, of course, in the
graphic presentation of the options to the customers, for you to be successful
when it comes to pleasing them. UPDATED: 20/02/2021| BY MARCELO
Are you in the mood to go to a good restaurant in the city of São
Paulo ? Eat a good pasta, drink a good wine and experience a little
Italian culture?
If so, be sure to read this post, as I will show you 5 excellent
restaurants that I went to recently and have a good reputation in
the city. Italian restaurants in São Paulo are “a brand”, a true heritage
of the city and a mandatory stop for residents and visitors.
The “pasta da nona” is already rooted in the local culture and has
become a flag of the financial capital of Brazil.

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