What is the simplest electric motor?

The DC induction motor is the simplest building motor. The design and construction of an induction motor consists basically of two parts, of two rotating magnetic fields, which are: the Stator or Casing which is the fixed part that receives the power from the mains in its conductors and the Rotor which is the which is attached to the axis which drives a mechanical load under the effect of the magnetic field produced by the stator feed. A simple DC electric motor uses the same principle of several home appliances that use a motor for its operation, that is, applied electric cusp-500 enerpac tools current that causes the coil to rotate.

Stator and rotor are mounted together with a common axis to the “rings” that compose them. The stator is made of a winding evenly distributed around the machine body, so that the magnetic flux produces a spatially sinusoidal waveform. The electromagnetic wave produced by winding is a sinusoidal function of space and time. The most well-known types of induction motors are the “biphasic” cage rotor and the coiled rotor (rings).

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