When consulted, the service provider must be informed whether the project is commercial, residential or industrial

Residential interior painting services Infinity Pro
The document must be signed by both. Taking these precautions you will be
much more relaxed about the correct execution of the painting, without any
unforeseen circumstances and headaches.
When the construction company or condominium chooses to paint the facade of the
building, the definitions of color and type of finish appear among the main
concerns. However, just as important is the choice of supplier to provide the
service. The final quality of the coating is directly related to the technical capacity of
those responsible for executing it, and the hiring of the ideal company undergoes
various analyzes.
“It is recommended to request different budgets and exclude those with lower and
higher values, giving preference to those in the middle range. After this first filter, it
is necessary to check the documentation, in addition to investigating the existence
of complaints or civil proceedings – mainly those filed by condominiums ”, explains
Roberto Mendes, technician at Globo Pinturas – Pintura Predial.
The search must consider whether the company has the courses required by the
Regulatory Norms (NRs).

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